Calibrated Care: The Calibrus Difference

The upside of outsourcing the customer facing functions of your organization can be significant. With the right partner, efficiencies that you may not even know are possible can be uncovered.

But it can also be risky. Your brand is the hands of an outsider. So you need a partner who understands that putting your customers, patients, or physicians first is what matters.

At Calibrus, we calibrate our services to that.

Our Five C’s of Calibrus Care is our unique service orientation and you won’t find another inbound call center with this approach.

We dive deep into your brand and outsourcing profile to create and uncover savings and value, seamlessly integrating into existing systems—or recommending new systems—for a fully calibrated support and care.

The Five C’s of Calibrus Care

You are the driver of brand and strategy, we’re the driver of value.

Don’t know how much of your highly-specialized staff’s time is wasted? We can help you find out, and optimize a solution.

Working with you, we dive deep into your business and brand. We’ll also work together for ongoing improvement. And finally, we’ll develop reporting that’s on your terms, not ours.

Working with Calibrus means a commitment to consistency and alignment across six key areas:

  1. Brand strategy alignment and execution
  2. Strategy integration
  3. Messaging and tone
  4. Talent – specific for your needs and resourced from the deep talent pool of Phoenix, Arizona
  5. Best-in-class, reliable recordings and archival

Our proven collaboration with clients means seamless integration into existing systems, and/or value-driven recommendations for new systems.

The Calibrus rate structure is fundamentally transparent, and consistently value-focused. Our “all in” pricing commitment means no hidden fees. This ensures the replacement costs your company, hospital, or practice realizes are industry leading. We’re experts in finding value and maximizing your margins.

Ultimately our work-of-worry is a worry-free client experience that extends to a worry-free, customer, patient or physician experience. All processes get to the simple side of complexity, made clear and simple for our clients; simplified systems for customers, patients and physicians for as seamless an experience as possible.

Get Calibrated with Calibrus

Calibrus is ready to help your organization strengthen customer relationships and maximize customer retention

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