Calibrus delivers high-yield inbound call services. Through our unique Calibrated Care approach, we achieve finely-tuned calibration with our clients brands by focusing on the only standard that matters: The expectations of their customers, patients, and physicians.

Core Values


We continually seek better ways to deliver our services, without comprising quality or settling for mediocrity. Delivering excellence requires committed individuals functioning as a high-performance team.


We are committed to doing things the right way the first time. Little things matter. Calibrus sets the standard of excellence.

Management by Fact

Quality improves as we utilize data to make decisions affecting our work. Evidence is required for effective decision-making; we do not make assumptions or guesses.

Professional Growth & Development

We continually strive to increase our individual and collective knowledge and capabilities, which is paramount to fulfilling our mission.

Value Innovation

We recognize the significance of innovation in creating value for our company and our clients. Innovation can occur at all levels within the organization and almost always begins by asking the question: Why?

Get Calibrated with Calibrus

Calibrus is ready to help your organization strengthen customer relationships and maximize customer retention

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