Calibrating customer, patient, and physician care to the only standard that matters:
Their expectations.

Calibrated Care

The Five C’s of Calibrus Care is our unique service orientation. You won’t find another inbound call center with this approach.

  • Collaboration
  • Consistency
  • Curve-Leading Tech
  • Competitive Rate Structuring
  • Clear and Simple Systems
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Your Calibrated Care Package

We use a modular approach of building unique inbound plans from a variety of services, all focused on your strategy and context.

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Strategy Calibration

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Brand Calibration

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Talent Calibration

Tier I and II Services

  • Affirmation Permissions and Third Party Verification
  • Live Operator or Web-Enabled Applications
  • Immediate Call Record & Recording Access
  • Redundant Call Centers and IVR Servers
  • Department and System Coordination
  • Lab results Physician Notification Patient Notification
  • Patient/Customer Inquiries
  • Patient/Customer Service
  • Patient/Customer Retention
  • System Migration Bridges
  • Technical Support
  • Reservations and Registrations
  • Social Media Customer Service
  • QA Call Monitoring
  • Post Sales Assessment Surveys

Get Calibrated with Calibrus

Calibrus is ready to help your organization strengthen customer relationships and maximize customer retention

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